Gift Ideas for the Maker in Your Life

For anyone who has a maker in their life you know it can be hard to find a gift for us, especially if you are not a maker yourself. I’ve put together a couple ideas for this holiday season. Below you will find gift ideas for people who are just getting started and some for more experienced makers.

Gifts for Beginners

  • SparkFun Inventor’s Kit for Arduino – This is the kit that started it all for me. It’s great for anyone who wants to get started in the maker world
  • Subscription to Make Magazine – Make Magazine is full of project ideas and news from the maker world
  • Adafruit Tool Kit – Having the right tool for the job makes all the difference. This kit includes all the necessary instruments to get anyone started with DIY electronics

Gifts for Intermediate Makers

  • Arduino Due – This is the latest board from Arduino and it’s still in short supply so check Sparkfun, Adafruit and MakerShed
  • Arduino Micro – This miniature version of the Arduino is great for smaller projects (for those of you reading this on December 24th it’s also available in-store at Radio Shack)
  • Raspberry Pi – This credit card sized computer packs a punch and is hacker friendly
  • Tackle Box – Over time makers collect a lot of parts, sensors and wires. A tackle box is great to help organize all of their supplies. The Plano 7771 is the one I use and it’s been great but it is pretty big, Plano makes a smaller version that would also work well

Gift Certificates

Normally I wouldn’t recommend gift cards because they are impersonal, however many times a project will call for a specific part that you may not anticipate needing. For times like this it’s good for a maker to have a credit available at their favorite website to fill in the necessary parts they need. I would recommend a Sparkfun, Adafuit, MakerShed or HobbyKing Gift Certificate as an additional gift or stocking stuffer.

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