Arduino IDE 1.6.0 is Here With Some Nice Features

Arduino just released version 1.6 of their IDE. I have to say it’s really nice to have a non-beta release that supports the DUE and Yun in addition to the rest of the Arduino family. The interface hasn’t changed, so it’ll feel very familiar to anyone who’s used the Arduino IDE in the past but there have been nice tweaks:

  • The drivers are signed for Windows and Mac
  • The serial monitor has been re-written on a modern JSSC serial library
  • Board Detection in the Ports sub menu (This worked for all the boards I tested except the Micro)
  • Ability to display Line numbers in the IDE

Here is a screenshot with both the line numbers and the board detection:Arduino IDE 1.6.0

Great stuff, I highly recommend getting your copy today here: Download Arduino IDE 1.6.0

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